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Utilizing a Call Center to Increase Your Business Revenues

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Call Centers are an innovative approach to sales without the pressure of overhead costs for a storefront. By incorporating a call center into your existing business, you can increase your sales and order size. You can also decrease your overhead cost by running an operations crew from 9 – 5 while having a call center open twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week. There are several different ways to utilize a call center in your business. Many of them include an answering service, live chat, and email support. It is most certainly the most cost effective approach to increasing your business while lowering your overhead costs.

Using a outsourcing center as an answering service after office hours is an excellent way to assure that you do not miss one single important phone call or message. An answering service is most important for service based businesses such as plumbers, contractors, electricians. These types of call centers are already in use by many offices that include medical professionals. These are primarily used for emergency situations but can be tailored to meet any need you as the professional might require.

Another essential use for outsourcing is order taking. Your business can be increased by at least 20 – 30 % just by utilizing a call center for all your order taking and customer service needs. A call center is open twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week therefore allowing your customers to place their orders at any time they choose. They can order from the privacy of their own home at their convenience.

Technical and email support is also a productive use for call centers and outsourcing. You can provide support at any time of the day for anyone who has any issue with your product or company. Email support and live chat can be provided without the use of phones and the labor costs associated with this endeavor can be kept relatively low while still providing the ultimate in customer service to your clients.

Sales can be increased by providing a call center number for customers to leave their contact info for lead generation. Many people are irritated by telemarketing calls but if they call YOU and request that a representative call them during a specific time period, the chances of a good sale have just increased by 60%.

Increase your sales today by implementing a call center into your business without the additional setup cost of labour, equipment and overhead costs associated with expanding your own office.


Good news for m-commerce: Daily use of the mobile web is soaring

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Overseas, in many European and Asian countries, accessing the Internet via smartphones and other mobile devices is commonplace. More Japanese, for example, access the web via mobile devices than via PCs. Today, according to new research from comScore Inc., the U.S., finally, is catching up to what many industry observers say will be the norm in the years ahead. And that’s good news for retailers in m-commerce.

LINK: unveils not one but two iPhone apps

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How will call centers fit in to the mobile revolution (specifically m-commerce, and m-commerce customer service)?

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Some great feedback I received from people working in the industry via LinkedIn: