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Google Latitude (Social Network That Uses The GPS Position Of Your Mobile Phone)

February 6, 2009 Leave a comment

I installed Google Latitude today on my BlackBerry. This is a very impressive social networking application that integrates with Google Maps and lets you see the location of your friends and interact with them. This looks to be a building block for more targeted location based mobile advertising. From

 And while the service clearly aims to focus on social networking–connecting friends and family by sharing their whereabouts–the application could easily adopt mobile marketing applications that target users with special deals and ads at specific locations such as in front of Starbucks or McDonald’s as they drive or walk down the street.”

I can definitely see a role for call centers to play with this new type of advertising. Anyone clicking on a mobile ad would clearly be a demographic a business would want to target and give the most attention possible.  A great feature would be to have a call center live chat agent discuss  promotions a store was having, and give them a call to action like an additional 10% off item x if they made their purchase within a certain time frame.

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Twitstat Study: BlackBerry Users Are Totally Addicted To Twitter

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