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Avaya Lists 10 Communications Trends for 2010

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In the past decade, a sea change has taken place in how voice and data communications are structured, delivered and used by businesses. Here are the top 10 areas Avaya Inc. executives expect to see action in 2010:

1. Regulatory mandated proactive communications. In an era of increasing regulation, proactive communications applications will automatically initiate contact with customers and guide interactions, in compliance with regulatory requirements. Under the Homeowner Modification Program in 2009, for example, Congress mandates that mortgage companies increase their proactive communications with borrowers.

2. Communications monitoring of employees across devices. Businesses, while still respecting privacy standards, will increasingly track phone calls, instant messages and e-mails of their employees to better predict work needs and behaviors. The communications industry will provide much more consistency across multimodal interfaces, whether through iPhones, standard telephones or the Web.

3. Social media and contact centers. Customers will initiate more company interactions via social media tools like Facebook. Basically any consumer with a laptop, desktop or Web phone will have richer multimedia experiences with contact center reps. Conversely, more businesses will embrace mining of the social network, capturing new opportunities to provide service, address issues and promote sales.

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Press Release: Weston Premium Woods Raises $2,600 for ‘Hero Fund’ Charity that Supports Canadian Military Families

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Canadian Hero Fund Banners – Add These To Your Website or Blog and Show Your Support!

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Please feel free to use these Banners that our friends over at KMSM.CA (@kmsmca on Twitter) developed for us to show your support for Canadian Hero Fund (

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Weston Premium Woods Donates $2,600 to Canadian Hero Fund (

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Canadian Hero Fund Press Release (PDF)

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Canadian Hero Fund Press Release

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Civilian, Grassroots “Hero Fund” Marks Holiday Season with Campaign to Support Military Families

TORONTO, ON, Nov. 30, 2009 – A new civilian charity supporting military personnel and their families officially launched its website today. The Canadian Hero Fund is a registered charity dedicated to raising money for families of fallen soldiers through community, grassroots efforts. Founded by university students, the organization has a specific focus on youth engagement.

“With the launch of this website we’re expanding the opportunities for Canadians to express their gratitude and support for the families of our military personnel,” said Michael Ball, executive member of the fund. “The site along with other online tools will leverage social networking to engage Canadians across Canada – young and old – to come together in common cause.”

The Canadian Hero Fund’s first goal is to raise $2.5m over 5 years, which will go to support scholarships for the children and spouses of fallen servicemen and women. By focusing efforts and engagement at a grassroots level, the Fund allows Canadians from all walks of life to have an opportunity to express their thanks and contribute in whatever way they can – large or small – in a show of support. Families will be able to apply for scholarships through the website.

“Canadians are looking for ways to express their thanks,” said Tim Peters, co-founder of the fund. “By promoting a grassroots approach the Fund is giving individuals, communities and groups who are looking for an opportunity to give back the chance to do so.”

The Website allows Canadians to donate online, on a one-time or monthly basis. It also allows Canadians to engage, learn, connect and offers tips to organizing local events to raise funds and engage others. To date, the Fund has established a network of Canadians from across the country, through growing online communities on Facebook and Twitter. Third-party fundraising has already taken place with a benefit concert in Sault Ste Marie organized by a U of T student that raised over $1,600. More events are being planned at university campuses across the country.

Founded by university students in 2009, the Canadian Hero Fund is a registered charity dedicated to assisting military families, with a focus on grassroots initiatives and youth engagement. The motto “Keeping Their Dreams Alive” stands for the dreams of the families and children that are sustained through Canadian Hero Fund support programs, as well as the dreams of fallen soldiers who wanted more for future generations.

For more information about the Canadian Hero Fund or to speak with its organizers and directors, visit or contact: | 888-602-3071

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